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Ajna's Story

My joy is figuring out how to restore a more optimized balance back into the body as a whole, when symptoms of pain, injury or restriction alert us to inefficiencies in a system or between systems. On a trajectory of continued investigation, I have begun developing my own techniques to assist in this process. My professional dance career ended in part due to injuries. Since then I have learnt how to assess and treat these and other conditions by finding the cause over symptomatic relief and helping people do what they love.


  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 3
  • Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)
  • Anatomy in Motion practitioner (AiM)
  • Thai Massage Practitioner
  • School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Professional Training Program
  • Goh Ballet Academy, Vancouver
  • Multiple continuing education courses and workshops

In her personal time

Ajna can be found in a pirouette, attempting to fly on her bike, pretending to be creative, actually organizing and hosting workshops on personal transformation, in a random country, studying amazing things like the human body, playing with other people’s dogs and horses, or with her favourite people.

Career Highlights

  • Thai Massage practitioner since 2009
  • Previous educator and examiner for Thai Massage certifications.
  • 10 year professional dancer career in Canada and abroad.
  • Giving treatments to people from all walks of life from elite athletes and performers, to children and grandmas.
  • Assisting other practitioners of NKT and Thai Massage to become more proficient.