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Corrective Exercise Coaching

Austin’s Corrective Exercise sessions integrate his background in clinical assessment, personal training, functional conditioning, rehabilitative exercise, yoga, functional neurology, and manual therapy. Austin treats and trains a wide variety of populations including, but not limited to: rehab patients, individuals suffering from chronic pain or illness, seniors, and athletes. These corrective exercise sessions can be used to restore your posture, improve your body mechanics, and optimise performance, or help you bridge the gap between rehab and fitness. They are the perfect compliment to the other manual therapies offered at Pure Motion Centre.

Training Philosophy

Austin’s training philosophy is rooted in the principle that no matter what your fitness or rehab goals are, mastering efficient movement patterns is the foundation of successful training. Optimizing your movement patterns will improve your posture, correct muscular imbalances, build body awareness, free your body from its restrictions, and improve performance. The more efficiently your body moves, the harder you can train it, and the faster it will recover. This equates to faster results, less risk of injury, and beautifully coordinated movement.

First Session: Movement Efficiency & Posture Assessment

Austin’s movement efficiency & posture assessment analyzes standing posture, movement patterns, and physical function. It will identify areas that may be causing pain, leading to injury, or hindering performance.

By the end of the assessment, Austin will prescribe you a series of corrective exercises based on your results. These exercises will be recorded for you in session and sent to your email to study and practice.

Ongoing Sessions & Massage Therapy Option:

Subsequent sessions after the assessment will help you refine the details of your first exercise program and progressively add new exercises to your repertoire. Austin’s experience with physical conditioning, manual therapy, yoga, and rehab allows for a lot of freedom to tailor sessions based on your goals or needs that day. Sessions may take a fitness focus on your strong days, or a rehab/massage/recovery focus on days that you aren’t holding up so well. These skills may also be applied in a variety of ways to accommodate your short term or long term goals.

Austin is a registered massage therapist which allows Pure Motion to offer you a Registered Massage Therapy Insurance Receipt for these sessions if the majority of your session is spent on the table for clinical assessment, massage, and/or corrective exercise. This is a great option for rehab patients and for those looking to focus on improving their posture/body mechanics. Please note that the massage portion of these sessions are performed on our table on the gym floor without the use of sheets. Patients are encouraged to wear shorts, t-shirt, and sports bra to make transitioning between exercise and massage simple.

Cost & Training Frequency

Corrective Exercise sessions are priced as follows: $70/30min, $120/60min, $175/90min, and $225/120min tax inc.

While training 1-2x/week is ideal for the best results, clients are not tied into long term contracts or required to commit to a minimum training frequency. This means you can train as frequently or as infrequently as you’d like without any obligation to continue.
• 2-4x/week: The majority of your training needs are covered during our sessions together.
• 1-2x/week: 50% of the work done on your own, 50% done during our training sessions.
• 1-4x/month: Program design consultation basis. A training program is taught to you to be performed on your own. You’ll receive video recordings of your exercises.
All new clients should start with 1x/week for the first 4 weeks to adjust to a regular training routine.

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If you’re not ready to commit to private sessions just yet, considering participating in Austin’s $25 ELDOA Group Class.
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If you have any questions about Austin’s work you can contact him directly at: Austin@PrimalMotion.com