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GLA:D Canada – Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Group Exercise Program

Pure Motion Centre is excited to now offer the GLA:D Canada Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis group exercise and education program!

Details are below:

What: GLA:D Canada is a 6 week – twice per week exercise and education program for people with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis

When: Starting January 10th GLA:D group exercise program will be offered Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am

Where: Pure Motion Centre 4789 Yonge St. Suite 1205

Cost: Initial baseline assessment 100$ and per session is 25$

How to register: Call the clinic to sign up for an initial baseline assessment and to register for the program. 416-901-7873

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to participate? Does one need a doctor’s prescription?

The GLA:D program is a 6 week – twice per week group exercise and education based program for people with knee and hip osteoarthritis. You do not need a doctor’s note to attend however it is a good idea to consult your family doctor prior to starting.

What times is the program offered?

We will be offering GLA:D program starting in 2018. It will run Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10-11am starting January 10th. It is a rolling admission where participants can join at any time but are encouraged follow the prescribed 6 weeks – twice per week duration.

Where does the program take place?

The Program will take place at 4789 Yonge St. Suite 1205 at Pure Motion Centre under the guidance of GLA:D Canada certified healthcare professional Dr. Amanda Moore.

What is the cost?

Cost per session is 25$ which includes an hour based movement program. The initial baseline assessment is an hour in duration and cost is 100$. We do offer receipts that allow you to claim on insurance for chiropractor or osteopathic treatment. GLA:D is not covered by OHIP.

Is there anything else I should know?

GLA:D Canada is an exercise and education program for Osteoarthritis. Included in this program are exercises, computer-based questionnaires and an educational component. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and having a water bottle for hydration. Please contact us if you have more questions 416-901-7873.

Is there additional information?

Check out GLA:D Canada website http://gladcanada.ca/index.php/what-is-glad-canada/

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