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Applied Functional Science (AFS)

What is Applied Functional Science?

Applied Functional Science (AFS) takes a 360˚ view of human movement, combining the physical, biological and behavioural sciences.

The principles of AFS are guided by physics, such as how ground reaction force, momentum and gravity affect muscle activity. It also considers 3-dimensional anatomy, which looks at how the muscles, joints, and whole body moves through 3-dimensional space; AFS also considers behavioural factors, such as the impact of fear, motivation, and confidence.

Ultimately, this creates an authentic and comprehensive approach to assessing and rehabilitating movement. AFS practitioners are certified as GIFT Fellows after a 10-month mentorship program.

Why is it helpful?

Applied Functional Science (AFS) is a way of looking at how our bodies move and work to create movement. It’s useful for our assessments because AFS considers how different parts of our body are connected.

AFS uses a lot of different tests and assessments to figure out how someone moves. It looks at things like how strong someone’s muscles are, how flexible their joints are, and how they balance. By looking at all of these things, AFS can figure out what might be causing someone’s pain or problems with movement.

Once AFS has figured out what’s going on, it creates a plan to help. This plan usually includes exercises and movements customized to that person’s needs. By doing these exercises, someone can work on their strength, flexibility, or balance, depending on what they need.

At Pure Motion Centre, our practitioners use AFS to help find and treat the cause of your pain to achieve results that last. By looking at how the body moves as a whole, it can help people move better and feel better.

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