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What is NeuroKinetic Therapy®?

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) is an innovative assessment and treatment approach that we use at Pure Motion Centre (North York). NKT was created by David Weinstock that addresses muscle imbalances and movement inefficiencies that are missed by most traditional approaches in therapeutic care.
It focuses on why a movement pattern is appearing the way that it is and uses a system of precise manual muscle tests and highly individualized treatments to restore movement imbalances in the body. It works by accessing the motor control center to remove compensation patterns that may create dysfunctional movement.


Can NeuroKinetic Therapy® help me?

At Pure Motion Centre (North York), we use Neurokinetic Therapy® to help you understand how and why you are moving the way you are.

We treat conditions including low back pain, neck pain, post-operative scars (e.g. C-section scars, knee & hip surgical scars), Muscle strains, Sports Injuries, Chronic pain, Headaches, Shoulder pain, Hip pain, ankle sprains, Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, and more.

In Neurokinetic Therapy®, there is a saying, “test, don’t guess” – we use precise testing to understand your movement patterns and where we can make lasting changes. A treatment with NeuroKinetic therapy® will include some “homework” for you to ensure the best possible results.


Test don’t guess! What are the main steps of a NeuroKinetic therapy treatment?

  • Step 1 – Muscle testing to find muscles that may be underperforming
  • Step 2 – Finding the movement patterns in the body that may be compensating
  • Step 3 – Applying corrections and giving exercises that help reinforce good movement patterns.
    Tight muscles may be underperforming or compensating and overworked. NKT® gives insight into why the muscle is tight, sore or painful and what to do about it to optimize movement patterns.Treatment can be manual therapy and corrective exercises to help dysfunctional movement patterns. Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths use NKT® at Pure Motion Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Where can I find a Toronto NKT practitioner near me?

Check out the NKT® directory to find someone near you. Or, visit us at Pure Motion Centre for NKT® Toronto-trained practitioners!



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