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What should I expect from our expert chiropractors at Pure Motion?

At Pure Motion, our expert chiropractors – Natasha, Evelyn and Amanda take an in-depth review of your medical history and assess the range of motion of your joints and muscles to find the root cause of your symptoms. We tailor your treatment to meet your goals. Chiropractic treatment incorporates hands-on manual therapy, soft tissue modalities, self-care recommendations, and movement prescription. Our chiropractors are extensively trained and integrate various techniques to offer you personalized results that may increase function and reduce pain.
Our chiropractors have additional education in concussion management, soft tissue therapy, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) and P-DTR (Proprioceptive deep tendon reflex) and more – check out their bios to see all the additional education.

Chiropractors treat more than just the spine.

Our chiropractors can help you with your musculoskeletal issues, including acute or chronic low back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ pain, rotator cuff pain, posture and more. We can help you with your lingering aches or a new issue.

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