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Pain Hero Featured Blog Post – Neck Pain and Moves to Melt it Away!

Did you know our practitioners are writers too?! Check out this featured blog post by our very own Amy Thieu featured on Pain Hero!


Neck Pain and Moves to Melt it Away!

Your neck is here for you! It orients your head to see beautiful scenes, rock out to music, and eat good food. So neck discomfort is particularly annoying as it can make it hard to enjoy all those things, as well as to focus on your work or workout. And because of the network of nerves and muscles in the area, it can lead to a plethora of other symptoms like headaches, dizziness and eye strain.

This blog will give you a better understanding where neck pain can come from, helpful cues to incorporate into your daily movement and postures, and simple exercises to help free your neck.

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